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Map of Crete

The land of Daidalos and Ikaros, of Zeus, Minoan and Talos.
Home of El Greco, Kornaros, Kazantzakis.
Scented with fennel, fresh basil and wild herbs.
Romantic with its sea, rocks and gleaming plateaus.
The land of full-bodied wine and tsikoudia.
Unique for the healthiest cuisine in the world.
Sleepless and dizzying with endless feasts under star-studded skies and warlike dances under the rhythm of the word-maker lyrists.
Proud for its history and for its dashing men with their black baggy breeches and their fringed kerchiefs.
Honorary for its ladies and for the long lasting matriarchy.
Predestinated to offer hospitality to friends.
Representative of freedom.
A door always wide open to both East and West.

The Land of Miracles

The Land
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